Eric Grizzell

I’d like to recognize Stefan Walker, who recently managed the sale of my parents’ property in Saratoga. I worked closely with Stefan during the entire process as trustee of my parents’ estate.

The sale of the property was very challenging. Although the lot was appealing to many potential buyers with beautiful valley views and a close-in private location, the structure itself was small and quite dated.

Stefan conducted himself in a highly professional manner throughout the process of preparing the property for sale, listing, negotiation, and close. He alleviated many of our concerns by actively managing the sale to a quality level that I have never experienced with any other agent or broker. His knowledge, insightfulness, communication skills, and sound advice all contributed to a highly satisfactory outcome. He is to be commended for his efforts.

I highly recommend his services to others and hope to engage his services for the future sale of my parents’ multi-family property.


Eric Grizzell

Senior Learning Development Consultant, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

— Eric Grizzell