Mark Slater

Following a competitive interview and selection process with a number of obviously competent agents, last March I selected Stefan to represent me in connection with the sale of my late mother’s house in Sunnyvale. I am happy to say selecting Stefan was a very wise choice.

My mom lived in the house for forty years. It needed plenty of work. I wanted to make improvements sensible for the market. Along the way I frequently asked Stefan’s views, and the reasons supporting them.  His analysis and advice were consistently logical and obviously borne of experience. Selling one’s childhood home, and mother’s house, is very difficult to do. Stefan made it much less hard.

Start to finish, Stefan and I spent over six months on this. And while problems inevitably arose during the remodel, Stefan repeatedly demonstrated excellent problem solving skills that kept the project on track. And while working with Stefan, I found him consistently responsive and attentive – days, nights and weekends. He drew on a number of resources that made the project proceed more quickly and at a lower cost than it might have.

When the time came to sell, he prepared an especially impressive analysis of the correct price for the market. I am happy to say the house sold only a few days after it was listed, and for its full asking price. In this latter stage Stefan proved an excellent negotiator on my behalf and showed very strong attention to detail in making sure the contract documents were complete.


Mark Slater

Partner, Slater Hersey & Lieberman LLP

— Mark Slater