Sebastian Kanthak

Given our situation and the competitive market in Los Altos, we were advised to move out and rent a place in the Peninsula while preparing our home for sale. We were overwhelmed and confused.

That’s where you came in. You were wonderful at explaining the home-sale process to us, providing us with our options and clearly explaining what to expect in each scenario. You were patient, calm, very informative, and never pushy. And your recommendations were very helpful.

The true test was the sale of our home within four days of hitting the market, with the highest price in the history of the neighborhood to date! You created a bidding war with the first offer which benefitted us well.

Thank you. Thank you for all of your expertise, advice, and skill. You are so humble yet so talented. We highly recommend you to anyone seeking representation from a real estate agent.


Sebastian Kanthak


— Sebastian Kanthak